Fun Indoor Activities to Keep Kids Entertained All Summer Long

Posted by Sara Chinnock on

Summer is just around the corner, and as the temperatures rise, the sweltering heat can sometimes make outdoor activities less appealing, especially for kids. Fortunately, plenty of fun indoor activities can keep children entertained and engaged while staying cool at home. From exciting games to creative arts and crafts, here are some fantastic ideas to keep the fun going all summer long.



Games are a great way to keep kids entertained and mentally stimulated. Classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Candy Land always stay in style and offer excellent family bonding opportunities. For something a bit more active, consider setting up a treasure hunt around the house. Create a series of clues leading to a hidden prize, and watch your kids enthusiastically follow the trail. 

If you're looking for something more structured, The Travel Box and Happy Along the Journey Box from our collection are the perfect choices. These boxes are packed with fun activities like bingo, crossword puzzles, coloring books, and more, ensuring hours of entertainment and learning.



Arts and crafts can also provide endless hours of creative fun. The Draw What Makes You Happy Box is an excellent starting point for younger children or beginners. This box includes a kids' sketch pad, drawing books, and a complete drawing set, allowing kids to explore their artistic side and express their happiness through art. The Creativeness From Happiness Box offers a more challenging and engaging experience for older children or those with more advanced skills. This box also includes a drawing book with more advanced tools and materials designed to inspire and cultivate deeper creativity.

In addition to drawing, consider introducing other craft activities such as making friendship bracelets, creating DIY slime, building paper mâché sculptures, or painting rocks for a fun, creative experience. These activities keep kids busy and help develop fine motor skills and patience.


Combining games and arts and crafts can make summer at home a delightful experience for kids. So, embrace the indoors this summer and create a fun, creative, and educational environment that your kids will love.


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