About Us

Hey There, I’m Sara.

Growing up in the South, my childhood was filled with family and entertaining. I grew up in a family that always ate well and never met a stranger. My grandmothers and mother always cooked for friends and family. Even if you were a friend, we considered you family.

Discovering a passion

I cooked with my mom and grandmothers from an early age. When I was young, I would bake cookies or help with meals during our family vacations in Florida. I would put the items that my Mom and grandmothers had cooked on trays to be served during family meals or when my parents were entertaining. My family gathered for every holiday, and as my brothers and I got married, our holidays only got bigger. I would help Mom in the kitchen when I came home from college.

When I moved to St. Louis, I began cooking more because I missed the dishes that my grandmothers and mother would make. I fell in love with the art of entertaining and cooking for others. The joy I felt when I prepared a meal made me think fondly of the times I spent in the kitchen with my grandmothers.

a need for flavor

After graduating from graduate school, I became a teacher then went into consumer sales for a hearing implant company. I used cooking and entertaining as my outlet on the weekends. During the pandemic, I was asked by a mortgage company to provide a treat for individuals that were closing on their mortgages because they were closing in their cars. I provided boxes with my Mom’s Russian tea and hot chocolate mix. I helped a friend with a New Year’s Eve box for kids and charcuterie boxes for the adults. Sara’s Boxes and Boards was born.

the story behind the

Pecans & Pretzels

You will find our signature pecans and pretzels on every meat and cheese tray! The recipes are from a cookbook that Sara’s Mom, Suzy, wrote with several of her friends. Sara’s love for cooking came from her fond memories of cooking with her Mom and grandmother, so you will find a piece on each board.


Sara Chinnock