The History of Blue Cheese

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Do you love blue cheese? If so, you might be interested in learning about its fascinating history!

Blue cheese, with its distinct aroma and bold flavor, has a rich history that dates back centuries. Legend says that blue cheese was discovered accidentally when a forgetful shepherd left his cheese sandwich in a cave. When he returned months later, he noticed mold growing on the cheese, giving birth to what we now know as blue cheese! 


Fromagers, or cheesemakers, refined this method, producing more blue cheeses in caves. With the advancement of technology, some cheesemakers can now control the temperature and humidity in their kitchen, eliminating the need for a cave. 


Over time, different regions developed their variations of blue cheese, each with its own distinct characteristics. Cheese lovers around the world still enjoy blue cheese today. From creamy and mild to bold and pungent, there is a blue cheese to suit every palate.


4 Types of Blue Cheese


One popular type is Roquefort, a French cheese made with sheep milk. It has a crumbly texture and a sharp, tangy taste. Its distinct blue veins lend a unique character to any dish. Another iconic blue cheese is Stilton, hailing from England. Stilton is made with cow's milk. Its creamy, rich texture and earthy, robust flavor pairs well with honey, pecans, plums, and nut bread or crackers.


For those seeking a milder blue cheese, Gorgonzola is an excellent choice. This Italian cheese offers a creamy, buttery consistency balanced with a subtle tang. It's perfect on charcuterie boards with grapes, honey, and pistachios. Danablu, conversely, is a type of Danish cheese known for its sharp and pungent taste. Apples, pears, candied nuts, and dark chocolate are some of the best accompaniments for Danablu. 


Next time you indulge in a slice of blue cheese, remember the fascinating history behind this beloved cheese, experiment with different flavors, and discover your favorite!


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