How To Romanticize The Winter Season

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How To Romanticize The Winter Season

'Tis the season that most people struggle with the most. The sun sets earlier, it gets progressively darker, and there goes the cold weather blues. By romanticizing the "Brrr" months, you can boost your spirit on a gloomy day. Sara's Boxes & Boards has the tools to start romanticizing the season. Consider these five activities to enjoy and celebrate the fall and winter months.


Set up a movie fort in the living room. 


The cold weather is the perfect excuse to cozy up inside and have a movie night at home. Bring additional blankets and oversized pillows to turn your living room into a warm, comfortable movie theater and serve delicious snacks. Our Movie Night Family Box features everything you need to create a fun and memorable movie night with popcorn and sweets. 


Grab a warm beverage.


There's nothing better than drinking hot beverages on a freezing day. If you don't feel like watching movies, stay by a fireplace and sip hot chocolate, tea, or coffee while sitting in front of a glowing, crackling fire.


Take yourself on a solo date as self-care.


A happy tummy is a happy life. Let yourself enjoy all the pleasures that come with delicious food. Try making a nice charcuterie board or order a charcuterie box from Sara's Boxes & Board, and then have some wine while you pamper yourself on your solo date night at home. You deserve it!


Plan a picnic.


Who says you can't go on picnics on a brisk fall day or cool blue winter sky? With some preparation, a wintertime picnic may be as enjoyable as spring and summer. Pack a picnic basket and choose portable foods that don't make a mess, like our Snacklebox. You can roast marshmallows and make smores if a campfire is allowed at your picnic spot.


Throw a party just because.


Banish the winter blues by calling your friends and inviting them over for a drink. Set the mood by decorating your space. Consider setting up a fun mimosa bar to give your party a sophisticated charm. 


Our tips have inspired you to romanticize the season. How are you making the best of winter?


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