Tips for Buying Cheese

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Tips for Buying Cheese

Buying cheese from a grocery store is relatively simple for some people. Besides, what could go wrong with picking the cheese you always buy? But as any true cheese lover will tell you, being in front of a counter with many cheese options can feel overwhelming. Soft or hard; milky or funky; aged or mild? There are just too many choices! 


Say you're hosting a party and planning on making a charcuterie board. You need to learn more about cheese to choose the best cheeses. If you want to make your cheese-buying experience easier, here are some of our favorite tips for buying cheese.


Know what you need cheese for. 


Are you planning on adding it to your snack or using it in your cooking? Are you making a cheese plate? Knowing what you need cheese for will narrow things down when faced with an enormous deli and dairy section. Once you've determined the culinary fate of your cheese, you can ask for recommendations from the cheesemonger in the store.


Always check the expiration date.


It's important always to check expiration dates, even if a product looks and smells fine. The expiration date should be listed with the weight and price for larger cheeses you will be slicing into bite-size pieces. 


Feel the cheese


When in doubt, gently touch the cheese package before buying. If cheese is softer and squishier than you think it should be, you'll likely get certain flavored defects with that. If you like creamy cheeses but the cheese feels firm, move on and try another one.


Buy only as much cheese as you can finish in a few days. 


Unless you're hosting, buy cheese in small quantities to ensure the cheese won't go to waste. Rewrap the cheese as soon as possible in waxed or parchment paper if it was originally wrapped in plastic when you bought it. Moisture and air are essential to keep the cheese in its best possible condition.


Craving for cheese now?


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