Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

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When planning a Thanksgiving celebration, a beautifully set table is a must. But it doesn't always have to be formal and traditional. You're free to showcase your table using your personal style and highlight it most charmingly. Regardless of the style you want to go for—rustic, casual, vintage, or glam—there are tons of tiny touches you can do to ensure your table setting looks as good as your turkey.

If you still need to decide on a theme or how to decorate your table, lucky for you, we have some Thanksgiving tablescape ideas prepared to spark inspiration. Please read our list and be ready to wow your guests this holiday season with a gorgeous, well-thought-out tablescape.

1. Chic and Casual Table Setting

Your table will look stunning and autumnal, with a row of little pumpkins and gourds in the middle. For a unique twist on Thanksgiving tablescapes, add natural wood cutlery, linen napkins, and navy blue plates instead of the traditional fall colors.

2. Rustic Table Setting

Begin using plain white plates paired with classic flatware and thin stemware to keep this rustic setting looking elegant. You may use orange napkins for a splash of seasonal color. To create multiple levels at the center of the table, use cut logs, wooden boxes, or vintage books. Add candles to finish the arrangement. 

3. Colorful Modern Table Setting

Vibrant colors will liven up an ordinary Thanksgiving table. Use pink, orange, and amber shades to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They also work well if your home has modern interiors.

How do you decorate a Thanksgiving table setting on a budget?

You can still achieve a stunning tablescape without going over budget. Spread a Thanksgiving table runner and bring out your plain white plates and cutlery set. Decorate the table with seasonal fruits, leaves, or branches, and remember the centerpiece. You can arrange flowers in a pumpkin vase or vintage seasonal spice tins or alternate orange and white pumpkins along the middle of the table. You may even order a charcuterie board from Sara's Boxes & Boards to serve as your appetizer, but doubles as a delicious centerpiece. Add tea lights and foraged fall leaves, and your Thanksgiving tablescape is complete!

A Thanksgiving charcuterie board is perfect for any fall celebration. Place your orders on or before November 16, 2023, so you have more time to plan your Thanksgiving tablescape. 

Note: Thanksgiving orders must be picked up by November 20, 2023.

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