Tips for a Ghoulishly-Fun Halloween at Home

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With Halloween just a few days away, you're probably already browsing all over the internet on how to prepare for a ghoulishly fun evening. Decorating your house and preparing scary-good food are perfect ways to get into the Halloween spirit, but without a few on-theme Halloween party games to keep your guests entertained, your party will be.... boring! It will be the shortest horror story ever!


So, banish boredom this Halloween with these timeless games, perfect for kids and kids at heart, and play the night away!


Marshmallow Toss 

Marshmallow Toss Game is a simple yet enjoyable game and is best played in groups of 4 or more people. The goal is to have your team catch as many marshmallows as possible using their mouths. The only downside of this game is it can get messy when players step on the marshmallows. 


Toilet Paper Mummy 

It's an oldie but a goodie! This toilet paper game is a budget-friendly game that will get everyone in fits of laughter. All you need is a roll of toilet paper for each team and a timer. Each unit consists of 3 members (one mummy, two wrappers), and the first team that finishes their toilet paper roll wins!


Halloween Candy Dice 

You only need a big bag of candy, a single die, and a candy dice game printable with the instructions for this game. Have the participants form a circle, place the sweets in the center, and let them play til the candies are gone. This is also an ideal game to play after trick-or-treating.


Witch Hat Ring Toss

Take turns trying to toss rings onto the witch's hat and earn points for each time you make a ringer. This game is available in our Halloween Family Box—it's portable, so you can bring it to gatherings in your neighborhood to quickly whip up a fun icebreaker. 


Halloween-inspired Piñata

Give this traditional Mexican birthday game a Halloween twist using a pumpkin or ghost piñata. Let everyone take turns smashing the candy-filled decoration with a bat while blindfolded. As soon as the piñata breaks open, everyone will scramble for candy! 


Setting up games at your party is a great way to get people interacting and ensures your guests have an unforgettable experience. Start your Halloween party with Sara's Boxes & Boards' Candylicious Happy Hour Box and Halloween Family Box. Our boxes contain everything you need, from decorations to games, to make planning and hosting a breeze. 


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