Recipes For A Scary-Good Halloween This Fall

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Are you looking to take your Halloween party to the next level? These spooktacular Halloween recipes are the perfect way to give guests a FANGtastic night! Whether hosting a Halloween party, a ghoulishly fancy dinner, or a cozy meal and spine-tingling movie night with the family, these bewitchingly delicious recipes will do the trick. We're sure your guests will want to sink their teeth into these!


One of our all-time favorite spooky appetizers is, without a doubt, the Halloween Charcuterie Board, or shall I say a scare-cuterie board? Serve a freakishly delicious board that'll haunt your guests in their sleep! Halloween is the best time to get wildly creative, so feel free to use whatever you have at home that you can incorporate into your board. Here are some recipes you can toss into the mix to make your charcuterie board extra festive:


Bloody Prosciutto Hand

Make an Amputated Hand Appetizer that looks disturbingly realistic but disgustingly delicious. You can create one by cutting a block of cheese and shaping it like a hand and arm, wrapping it using prosciutto to make it look like severed skin, and putting roasted red pepper as a filling to create an illusion of blood. 


Mozzarella Eyeballs

If you want an eye-opening appetizer experience, big bulging edible eyes made from mozzarella are the way to go. Plus, they're super easy to make! Prepare some fresh mozzarella balls to serve as the sclera of the eye, green Spanish olives for the iris and pupil, and some basil leaves where you'll lay the mozzarella eyeballs. Just assemble everything, and BOOF all done!


Witch Finger Cookies

Whip up some witch-finger cookies for dessert. A witch finger cookie is a shortbread cookie dyed green, formed into a severed finger, and adorned with an almond nail and a bit of cherry, strawberry, or raspberry jam for a bloody effect. Be sure to get the freezer-cold dough if you want these to look like fingers since cold dough is much easier to shape and decorate. 


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