Tackle Box Charcuterie for Road Trips and Summer Outings

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Tackle box charcuterie for road trips and summer outings

What do you call a tackle box with snacks? A Snackle box!

Snackle boxes are the ideal travel snack tray. They are perfect for road trips, outings, picnics, sporting tournaments, winery afternoons, or anywhere else you want to graze on the go.

How To Make A Snackle Box

Snackle boxes are made using a tackle box or toolbox with compartments and placing snacks and treats inside. Consider buying the ones with adjustable dividers to customize your snack options completely. Some people choose a simple tackle box to store their food, while others go all-out with multi-layer tackle cases. 

Before utilizing your box, make sure it is food-safe! Wash it thoroughly with soap and warm water and let it dry before filling it with food. Use muffin tins in the compartments for easy cleanup, or line your tackle box with parchment paper.

What To Put In A Snackle Box

Your snackle box can contain anything you want it to. If you wish for a charcuterie-inspired snackle box, you can toss in salami, prosciutto, Spanish chorizo, and assorted cheeses. Add accouterments such as assorted nuts, olives, berries, grapes, or crackers. Your family will enjoy this fantastic option!

Moreover, snackle boxes are perfect for feeding kids on the go and elevating the snacking experience. Aside from the meats and cheeses of your choice, you can customize your box with fun snacks like marshmallows, candies, pretzels, and more. Snackle boxes may take a little time to assemble, but I’m telling you, it is absolutely worth it!

Sara, you've truly hit the mark with the Snackle box!  The feedback from Matt and Jayden has been overwhelmingly positive—they've told me at least six or seven times how awesome it was and how they loved your great choices. They even asked if we could have these for every road trip! Thank you so much for making our snacking experience unforgettable!  - Joanna J.

At Sara’s Boxes & Boards, we offer a Snacklebox filled with cheeses, olives, chocolate pretzels, meat, and pecans - an ultimate snack hack for every family adventure—a simple but fantastic idea to bring on your next road trip or summer outing. Contact us today to place your order!

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